BOSE 251

OUR PRICE: $599 pair

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Bose' best performing wall-mounted, outdoor speakers. ...

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Featuring an elegant, weather-resistant design, the 251 is well-able to deliver high-quality music across outdoor living spaces…at “party” volume.
Bose® 251® speakers use an Articulated Array® speaker design to produce an extremely wide sound field.
Each speaker cabinet houses two drivers set at precise angles, to create a consistent stereo image as you move around outdoors.
The bass drivers, (13.3 cm) with polymer fibre composite cone and butyl rubber surround, deliver high-quality low frequencies whilst also resisting deterioration under extreme conditions.
Further, the unique, multi-chambered design of the Bose® 251® speaker cabinet minimises audible distortion from bass notes, delivering music with clear, natural impact.
And Bose® 251 outdoor speakers are designed for harsh conditions.
These weather-resistant speakers are engineered and tested to withstand snow, rain, salt and temperature extremes of 60°C to -30°C.
Weather-resistant brackets and hardware will also withstand the rigours of year-round outdoor placement.
And Bose 251 speakers are Syncom® computer tested to ensure the highest level of quality and reliability in the audio industry.
Finally, they are also protected by a five-year limited warranty.

• Wall-mounted, stereo, outdoor speakers.
• Requires wiring and connection to a stereo amplifier.
• High power handling.
• Extremely wide sound field for larger outdoor areas.
• Tested to withstand snow, rain, salt and extreme temperatures.
• Weather-resistant brackets and hardware included.

Turn up the volume when required.
Hard-wearing…a true environmental speaker.