Devialet Care Phantom I


Protect your investment.

With Devialet Care, your Phantom I investment is protected with an extra 3 years of warranty and can be replaced once at a preferential price in case of accidental damage.


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Why Sign Up for Devialet Care?
Devialet Care extends the standard manufacturer’s warranty from 2 to 5 years. The speaker is warranted against manufacturing or technical faults for the full, 5-year term. The program also covers one instance of accidental damage or breakage. A damaged speaker can be replaced at an attractive price once within the 5-year warranty term.

How Do I Activate Devialet Care?
Devialet Care can be purchased together with the speaker and activated in-store. Alternatively, you can consider the benefits and purchase Devialet Care separately up to 30 days after the speaker transaction.

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