LOEWE BILD 5. 55/65/65MON


Superb OLED TV with in-built recording capability, in 2 popular Family Room sizes. From $6,999 and $8,399 beautifully installed ...
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The Loewe Bild 5 OLED models are excellent TV options for large living spaces. State-of-the-art OLED technology based around independent, self-lit pixels, produces deep blacks and outstanding detail. The LOEWE approach to video processing is abundantly clear: high brightness (perfect in high ambient light) without sacrificing true and natural color. At 2 x 40 Watts, the integrated, fabric covered sound-bar included in Bild 5.55/65 delivers richly textured and detailed audio. Loewe Klang wireless speaker systems are an option where ultimate TV, movie and music is a consideration. For installations where a separate 3rd party sound-system is present, the Bild 5.65 MON version is manufactured without integrated sound-bar. (Note the 65 MON is a special order out of Germany with a lead time of approximately 4-6 weeks). A clever user interface based around the convenient Loewe HOME screen guarantees ease of use across the Bild 5 range. The Bild 5 models also offer, convenient recording of TV programs to a high-capacity, internal hard-drive. Smart functions include access to a number of popular streaming services, catch-up TV and a benchmark web-browser.

• Premium Ultra-HD 4k OLED television in 2 sizes: 55″/65″
• Luxurious, ultra-thin design with filtered glass panel
• Integrated 2 x 40 Watt sound-bar (Bild 5.55/65)
• “Monitor-style” available without sound-bar (Bild 5.65MON) as special order
• Compatible with optional Loewe Klang wireless speaker systems
• Supplied with table-stand
• On-board recording to internal 1.0TB HDD
• Smart functions including catch-up and web browser
• Designed and built in Germany

• OLED is the best TV technology currently available
• Superb resolution, high brightness without “saturation”/overly dynamic colour
• Excellent dialogue from integrated sound-bar (Bild 5.55/65)
• Clever option to purchase as monitor only (without sound-bar) for integration with separate audio systems (Bild 5.65 MONITOR)