Q ACOUSTICS 3020i – White Ex Display

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The Q Acoustics 3020i is an award-winning bookshelf speaker designed for small to medium-sized rooms where detailed and precise sound is required. Voted the ‘Best Stereo Speakers Under £200’ by What HiFi, the 3020i’s use a revolutionary 2-in-1 ring/dome tweeter and a very inventive bass driver. The bass cone is constructed from a mix of paper and aramid fibres. Aramid has a similar response to drivers formed from Kevlar or Teflon. The use of this material ensures the sound delivered by the 3020i is wonderfully open and realistic. The soundstage is notably wide and three dimensional.

Medium sized bookshelf speakers
Suited to spaces up to 30m²
Low distortion and wide dispersion
5-inch Aramid Fibre/Paper cone drive unit

Fast and open response
Outstanding value for money