Sonos Architectural Home Cinema System Speakers and Amp

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Comprising two Sonos amplifiers, a Sonos SUB and two sets of high-quality recessed speakers, this system offers excellent home cinema and music playback without interrupting the decor! Designed jointly with renowned manufacturers Sonance, the speakers are capable of delivering the sonic accuracy and texture required for both serious music appreciation and movie soundtracks. A pair of Sonos In-Wall speakers is installed either side of the TV to voice the Left, Right and a summed Centre (dialogue) channel. The Rear Surround channels are delivered by a pair of Sonos In-Ceiling speakers strategically positioned behind the listening area. And the Sonos AMPS are simply configured to perform their separate surround decoding. The AMPS also include a dedicated Trueplay algorithm to ensure the speakers perform accurately in any architecture. The Sonos SUB relates “wirelessly” to the system, requiring only a power-point. And because its Sonos, you can be assured that this system will be flexible and convenient to operate.

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These are an incredible solution for in-wall and in-ceiling home theatre speakers.

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• Architectural home cinema system.
• Output well-suited to small and medium spaces.
• Comprises 2 pairs of Sonos recessed speakers, 2 Sonos AMPS and 1 Sonos SUB.
• 4 x 125 Watts at 8 ohms to Left/Right and Surround channels.
• Wireless, active subwoofer.
• HDMI ARC input for TV audio.
• Analogue audio input.
• Extensive access to music streaming services.
• Excellent control via TV remote and APP for Apple IOS/Android devices.

• Discrete and nicely textured home cinema and music in small to medium spaces.