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In-wall and in-ceiling speakers are audio equipment designed to be mounted within walls or ceilings rather than sitting on floors or shelves.

At Premier HiFi Noosa, we stock a variety of Sonos in-wall and ceiling speakers to complete any home theatre or whole-house music setup.

In-wall speakers are typically installed flush with the wall surface, while in-ceiling speakers are mounted into the ceiling, also flush. They blend seamlessly into the room’s decor, offering a clean, unobtrusive look.

Since they’re installed discreetly, they can be preferred for home theatre systems or multi-room audio setups where aesthetics are essential. They offer a sleek, minimalist appearance while still delivering excellent sound quality.

In-wall and in-ceiling speakers provide a convenient and aesthetically pleasing way to enjoy high-fidelity audio without sacrificing space or style in your living environment.

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    Sonos Architectural Home Cinema System Speakers and Amp

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    Sonos in-Ceiling Speaker System

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    Sonos In-Ceiling Speakers – Speaker Pair Only

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    Sonos In-Wall Speaker System