Bang & Olufsen Beosound Stage Soundbar (Gold Tone)


Over the past years, TV screens have become thinner and thinner, leading to “thinner” sound and, consequently, bad listening experiences. TV and film viewers have long realised that the listening experience can be improved by adding an external soundbar. A powerful Dolby Atmos soundbar that brings Bang & Olufsen sound to your TV without needing a subwoofer.

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Olufsen Beosound Stage

Introducing the Beosound Stage.
The stage is a classic Bang & Olufsen solution for people who are looking for impressive sound but don’t want to compromise the visual expression of their TV.
The Beosound Stage looks more like a piece furniture than pure technology.

Powerful and Detailed Sound

The Beosound Stage enhances viewing pleasure with a combination of the latest in audio technology and seamless design.
With four woofers in the eleven-driver setup, no additional subwoofer is needed.
The Stage also includes a strong focus on speech intelligibility. The soundbar incorporates a three-channel sound system with left/right stereo and a dedicated centre/dialogue channel. It also supports Dolby Atmos decoding and processing: the result is an impressive performance tailored via comprehensive user controls not typically found in the soundbar product category.
The Beosound Stage is a simple, yet sophisticated solution for watching movies and television programs, and also for “just” listening to music!

For the Technically Minded

Behind the front cover, you will find an active system with 11 speaker drivers in total. The four woofers are placed close together in the centre of the enclosure so that, for low frequency bands, they can work together as a single unit.
The upper frequency bands of the centre channel are provided by two midrange drivers and a tweeter, which ensure that the Stage soundbar can deliver clear, and easily understandable dialogue, even at higher listening levels. The left and right channels, are delivered using a single midrange driver and tweeter for each channel. These drivers are oriented in a tilted baffle that allows the listener to choose a wall- or table -placement. Once the loudspeaker is installed, you will simply need to indicate the position in the Bang & Olufsen control App and the integrated DSP will optimise the sound accordingly.

Crafted Sound…Seamless Continuity

The Beosound Stage looks more like a piece furniture than pure technology. Exclusive and functional materials express Scandinavian simplicity within an endless frame. Long-line standing aluminium surrounds the textile of the speaker front.
Renowned NORM Architects were commissioned to design the physical for of the Bang & Olufsen Stage soundbar. NORM’s style is sharp and crisp. It focuses on quality, details and durability rather than on trends or technology. Elements which fit perfectly with Bang & Olufsen’s philosophy.
The inspiration behind Beosound Stage is Scandinavian design blended with Japanese minimalism.
The core of the concept is flexibility of placement: the soundbar can be placed under the TV on the wall – which is the main position – or laying down on a shelf. Its geometry also reflects simplicity of expression. The frame is an infinite line running all the way around the product encapsulating the soft textile front and the powerful audio engine and speakers within. The control buttons are designed as a break of calmness whilst at the same time a visual continuation of the infinite lines.
The frame is a focal element of Beosound Stage. The aluminium is cut out of one single piece with no joints, making it aesthetically pleasing as well as inviting. The thickness of the frame is 2 mm and the distance between the frame and the cover is also 2mm. This to visually underline the contrast between the frame and the textile speaker front, and let the elements stand out by themselves.

Easy to Operate

An HDMI arc connection allows simple adjustment of volume via the listener’s TV remote. The Stage can also be conveniently controlled with an intuitive APP for phone or tablet and via the classic B&O, on-device aluminium touch interface.

Flexible Design Elements

Of course, the textile speaker cover can be exchanged. In the box you will find a small tool to help you easily remove the fabric cover in case you need to clean the dust that may build up in the gap between the fabric and the profile. Or you may want to change the colour of your Beosound Stage! You will never get bored with Beosound Stage as you can always follow the trends of interior décor or the changing of your home over time.

• High performance Dolby Atmos TV soundbar
• Benchtop placement or wall-mount
• HDMI ARC input
• Dedicated centre channel dialogue speaker
• On-device, B&O APP or TV remote control
• Bluetooth, Airplay2 and Chromecast in-built

• 11 speakers/11 amplifiers…no subwoofer required
• Excellent balance and authenticity for high quality background music

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