Bowers & Wilkins PX7 S2 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones (Blue)


A truly immersive listening experience that allows you to hear more of what the artist wants you to hear.


Hear what your music really sounds like

Bowers & Wilkins is trusted by music professionals the world over to deliver the most detailed, natural and immersive sound available. Our Px7 S2 headphones bring you closer to the original recording, so you’ll hear the music exactly as the artist intended.

Sounds like no other

Px7 S2 uses custom-designed 40mm drive units, carefully angled inside each earcup for a truly focused, immersive listening experience. The result is a class-leading headphone experience.

Cancel the noise, not your music

Px7 S2 uses a total of six microphones for outstanding noise cancellation that shuts out unwanted intrusions without harming your favourite music dynamics and energy. Careful positioning and angling of those microphones ensures excellent call quality too, even in noisy environments.

Premium design, perfect fit

Px7 S2 has been carefully designed for comfortable, extended listening, with luxurious memory foam earpads that perfectly encapsulate and cushion your ears, and an elegant fabric finish.

• 24-Bit-capable wireless playform
• Custom designed B&W 40mm Drive units
• Six microphones to cancel noise without harming dynamics and energy
• Excellent call quality even in noisy environments

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